Co-sputtering machine (150W~2, max 500 deg., DC)

Vertical Bridgman furnace

Pt coater

Economical CVD equipment

Floating zone furnace
(transferred from Dept. of Physics, U Tokyo
(laboratories of Prof. Hasegawa and Prof. Uchida))

RF-sputtering machine (3 cathodes; one for magnetic materials)
(transferred from Dept. of Mechano-Informatics, U Tokyo
(laboratory of Prof. Shimoyama))

Magnetic annealing furnace (max 220 deg.)


Draft chamber (UV Ozone Cleaner, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Hot Plate), Drying Oven

Low Speed Saw

Scanning Probe Microscope
(transferred from Dept. of Materials Engineering, U Tokyo
(laboratories of Prof. Ichinose and Prof. Yamaguchi))

Real Surface View (SEM) VE-7800

GM Cryocooler + Electromagnet(max. 1T)

Laser Doppler Vibrometer + FFT Analyzer

He Optistat (with Laser Doppler Vibrometer)

1.2T electromagnet

(transferred from NEC corporation)