SHIOMI LABSHIOMI LABQuantum Materials & SpintronicsSHIOMI LABWhat can we leave behind for the world using
what we have learned so far?
SHIOMI LABQuantum Materials & SpintronicsSHIOMI LABWhat can we leave behind for the world using
what we have learned so far?

People who want to join the laboratory

Shiomi Laboratory conducts experimental research in condensed matter physics. Main keywords are topology, magnetism, and spintronics. We welcome students who are interested in the discovery of unknown quantum phenomena and the creation of material functions based on condensed matter physics. If you have your own preferred research theme, please consult with us and we will try to meet your request as much as possible. Since the number of students is small, you will be able to conduct your research under the close guidance of our staff. If you wish to enter a doctoral program, we will do our best to help you apply for scholarships such as the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

Research in SHIOMI LAB

We are engaged in the development of quantum materials and measurement of their physical properties, focusing mainly on magnetic materials (so-called magnets). Our research interests range from the discovery and understanding of novel quantum phenomena in materials to the development of material functions using magnetic materials (spintronics function). Our goal is to obtain excellent research results that connect basic research with applied physics. Our research is pursued by synthesizing inorganic materials (bulk, thin films, nanowires, etc.), measuring physical properties under magnetic fields at room/low temperatures (transport properties, optical properties, etc.), and also by numerical calculations (band calculations, micromagnetics calculations, etc.).

Recruiting students for SHIOMI LAB

We are looking for graduate students for master’s and doctoral programs. In addition to sample synthesis and measurement of physical properties, we also perform a little numerical calculation, and you will be exposed to a variety of themes and techniques. To become a graduate student in our laboratory, you need to take an examination for the D1 group in the Department of Basic Science, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Laboratory tours are always welcome. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail. Even if you are at the stage where you are not sure which laboratory to enroll in, it is fine. We will consult with you as much as possible.

Information on SHIOMI LAB

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